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Galley Proof etc.

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  • Galley proof A proof, originally one set from type in a galley taken before the material has been made up into pages usually printed as a single column of type with wide margins for making corrections    
  • Page proof trial proof printed from type that has been made up in page form
  • Deathbed Edition Last edition that an author had the chance to proofread and edit before his/ her death  
  • Facsimile Photographic reproduction of literary text Renders all details from the original typographyspellingparagraphing + page layout
  • Diplomatic Edition Will der Herausgeber den Text in seiner ursprünglichen orthographischen Gestalt aber unter Verzicht auf typographische Besonderheiten des Originals wie z.B. Drucktypen, Zeilenfall und Satzspiegel veröffentlichen, so veranstaltet er einen diplomatischen Abdruck
  • Critical Edition Edition that attempts to produce a reliable version of a literary work It reconstructs the original version (manuscript or printed text) or  that work as exactly as possible and gives the reader a chance to compare different versions of a text that have emerged in the course of time.  
  • Critical apparatus In a critical edition, textual variants from the different earlier texts, emendations, and conjectures are documented in a critical apparatus (usually in footnote format)
  • Emendation Correction or alteration of a text or manuscript where it is or appears to be corrupt.
  • Conjecture Attempt to find out the shape or meaning of a passage in a literary work that has become illegible (unleserlich)
  • Dating Origin of a text can be dated by external evidence (reviews, diaries, letters), and internal evidence (references within the text to historical events or persons that make a dating possible). The work must have been produced between the terminus a quo (earliest possible date) & terminus ad quem (latest possible date of origin)
  • Collation Historical collation: All the extant versions of a literary work are collated (assembled in chronological order) Internal collation: The work's features (style, plot, development, thematic focus) are compared with those of the author's other works..
  • Periodical A magazine or journal published at regular intervals: monthly, quarterly etc.