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new practical chinese reader 2

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Lektion lernen

  • used to indicate a continuous aspect (zhe)
  • to take someone somewhere, to see someone off (song)
  • by (used to indicate the passive voice)(bei)
  • to bump against, to knock down (zhuang)
  • injured, to hurt (shang)
  • used to indicate ordinal numbers (di)
  • 检查 to examine (jiancha)
  • serious (zhong)
  • 胳膊 arm (gebo)
  • leg (tui)
  • to finish, to run out of (wan)
  • to ride (qi)
  • 自行车 bicycle (zixingche)
  • to laugh, to smile (xiao)
  • 注意 to pay attention to (zhuyi)
  • to stop,to park (ting)
  • 马上 right away,immdiately (mashang)
  • 医药费 medical expenses (yiyaofei)
  • 以为 to think (yiwei)
  • 如果 if (ruguo)
  • to lie (down) (tang)
  • 电视 TV (dianshi)
  • to look at (shi)
  • MW for flowers (shu)
  • to put, to place (fang)
  • 桌子 table, desk (zhuozi)
  • 结果 result, outcome(jieguo)
  • to close, to turn off (guan)
  • to bend (wan)
  • 倒霉 bad luck(daomei)
  • bad, broken(huai)
  • 消息 news (xiaoxi)
  • 小偷 thief (xiaotou)
  • to steal (tou)
  • 派出所 local police station (paichusuo)
  • to clutch, to catch, to arrest (zhua)
  • to lose (diu)