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  • Air pollution The air pollution around Frankfurt Airport is and will remain relatively low and is below that in downtown Frankfurt
  • Reforestation The trees cut down to make way for the airport expansion must be compensated for in the form of substitute reforestation. 
  • how More than 40000 trees and shrubs have already been planted so far
  • 6. Wie lange dauert es noch? The zoning procedure was concluded with a zoning decision (Planfeststellungsbeschluss) which approved the proposed plan. 
  • neue Landebahn The new runway is expected to be inaugurated no later than 2011 winter timetable. 
  • wann ist der Ausbau beendet The expansion should be concluded in 2015
  • Was ist Frankfurt Frankfurt is Germanys central transportation airline hub
  • Warum ist es wichtig Expansion of Frankfurt Airport is not only a national task for securing the future viability and competitiveness of Germany as a strong aviation base but will also guarantee the economic prosperity of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region which is strongly affected by the current economic and financial crisis.