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  • Was kommt auf die Karte Global Feel and Local touch
  • Was kommt noch drauf 5 Zahlen sind von 2008 Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Korean
  • genaue Zahl Japanese Japanese colleagues based in FRA 205 Einsatz NRT KIX Nagoya based in NRT 38 Einsatz MUC-NRT
  • genaue Zahl Thai Thai colleagues: based in BKK 86 Einsatz BKK MNL SIN SGN
  • genaue Zahlen Indian Flight attendants based in DEL 220 Einsatz nach DEL, BLR, BOM, MAA, CCU
  • genaue Zahlen Chinese Flight Attendants Chinese colleagues based in FRA 194 Einsatz nach PEK, PVG, HKG, CAN, NGG based in MUC 54
  • genaue Zahlen Koreaner korean Flight attendants FRA 65 Einsatz nach ICN ex FRA Einsatz nach ICN/PUS ex MUC
  • 1. Einführung Today, I have the pleasure to give you some information about our regional flight attendants. 
  • Why does Lufthansa employ regional flight attendants Lufthansa is held in high esteem worldwide. But to stay competitive and as the growing economic potential in Asia is bevoming more and more important, LH has been positioning themselves for the long-term in the asian markets. 
  • So what do regional flight attendants do on board? Their presence as regional flight attendants in the aircraft cabin helps compratiot feel at home with Lufthansa. They work as regular flight attendants. They are completely integrated in the cabin crew.
  • In addition to that they 5 Punkte kurz announcements language pass information on culture the only people appreciate contact
  • announcements ausführlich they do announcements in the respective language
  • language they know their passengers language they are familiar with their mentality and customs
  • cultural characteristics they pass information on cultural characteristics to the rest of the crew.
  • Beispiel zu cultural characeristics For example Courtesy and politeness in Asia and Europe are different etiquetts: Please and thank-you are not used as often in China as they are in Europe.
  • Please and thank you The Chinese think they sound superficial and aloof. Communication is normally more indirect and quieter than the European convention. 
  • was noch For passengers, who know no English the regional flight attendants are the only people they can talk to. 
  • was noch Many passengers speak English but appreciate speaking with a contact who is well versed in Chinese ways. 
  • Geschichte Lufthansa started in 1961 employing regional flight attendants. 
  • die ersten FBs The japanese flight attendants were based at first in Hong Kong later in Narita. They wore kimonos and performed for example the tea ceremony on board.
  • 1996 The japanese flight attendants were very well received. Therefore, in 1996 Lufthansa started recruiting Indian and Thai flight attendants.
  • Other airlines Other airlines also have regional flight attendants. Even german flight attendants work with other airlines. For example ANA japanese airlines employs european regional flight attendants. 
  • Requirements 3 Identical fluent in English differences in the language requirements
  • Identical with the German requirements 6 Punkte Identical with the German requirements - a high level of service orientation and a sense of duty even in stressful situations, strong communication skills dependable and team-capable. 
  • was noch 5 Punkte Intercultural competence, well-groomed appearance, independent, dedicated and showing own-initiative 
  • fluent Fluent in English. Lufthansa does not expect knowledge of the German language. 
  • differences in the language requirements Chinese flight attendants should speak Mandarin and Cantonese fluently. Indian flight attendants first language is Hindi and speaking Tamil is an advantage. 
  • Selection process: The job interviews are held in the region in different cities. For example in Bejing and in Shanghai for the chinese colleagues. 
  • why so? Other airlines look also for regional flight attendants in Beijing. Plus it makes sense to find flight attendants from different cities in China. Flight attendants who come from Shanghai will love to fly there and be able to communicate with local passengers in the Shanghai dialect. 
  • wer ist alles dabei beim Auswahlgespräch? There is the team leader the supervisor of the regional flight attendants - Teamleiter that is Mrs or Mr, a psychologist, Vertreter der Area and a regional flight attendants. 
  • was macht der Regionale Flugbegleiter beim Auswahlgespräch? The regional flight attendant in an advisory capacity as cultural expert. 
  • The regional Flight attendant checks in a short conversation in the native language chinese manner polite articulating dialect
  • Is the future colleague behaving in a chinese manner or with japanese applicants - does she know the so important etiquette? 
  • polite How polite is he?
  • articulating How is she articulating herself?
  • dialect Is she speaking in dialect?
  • In the selection process they try to find out how the future flight attendant handles challenging situations
  • How the applicant has addressed the idea of leaving home and therefore his family starting a new life in a foreign country. Most important how the applicant pictures the life in Germany. 
  • support by Lufthansa 3 Punkte search for an appartment flight tickets FITs
  • search for an appartment The regional flight attendants in Germany get support by their supervisors in their search for an appartment and all the other organisational issues they are facing. There is a lot of help to make the start in a new culture easy. 
  • Lufthansa invests a lot in the regional flight attendants. During basic training they participate in a two-week crash course in the german language. After that they attend every other month six days in language training at the well-known Goethe Institute. These instructions in German are not held within the rest time after a tour. After two years they pass a test in the German language and get a permanent employment contract. 
  • After basic training After two years they pass a test in the German language and get a permanent employment contract. After that they may register for my Q Seminars just like the rest of us in order to get the salary increase.
  • flight tickets In order to help them to keep in touch with their friends and families at home they get an amount of flight tickets each year. 
  • FITs Every year they have so-called FITs a day where they can meet and exchange with their department. In India, Bangkok and Tokyo, these meetings are held at the home base just as the seminars for the Stufensteigerung.
  • conditions of employment The colleagues who are based in their countries receive an employment contract that matches with the local work conditions. 
  • this concerns ... the salary, vacation entitlement and benefits. 
  • open-ended full-time contracts Lufthansa is the only airline worldwide that offers its regional flight attendants open-ended full-time contracts.
  • the working conditions The working conditions seem to appeal to the flight attendants because for many years now there is a low fluctuation and only few flight attendants migrate to other airlines. 
  • What can I do as purser to support our regional flight attendants? What can I do to make them feel comfortable and to motivate them?
  • In the briefings First of all, it is absolutely necessary that the briefings are being held in English.