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Vorderseite Topic #2: Servive Output Demands
  • End-user's decision about where to purchase and product/service depends not just on what, but how the end-user wants to buy it
  • Elements of how the products/service is bought are called servive outputs
  • General list of service outputs:
    • bulk-breaking
    • spatial convinience
    • waiting time
    • variety and assortment
    • customer service, information provision
  • For final purchase decision, end-users make trade-offs amaong different combinations of products attributes, price & service outputs offered by sellers
  • Segmenting the market by service output demands is a useful tool for channel design because the resulting groups of end-users are similar in terms of the channel that serves their needs
  • Cost, competition, ease of entry & compensatory service ouput provision factors can mitigate need to excel in providing service outputs to target market
  • Ultimate purpose of service output demand analysis is to assess segment attractiveness, target a subset of the identified segments & customize the marketing channel system solution used to sell to each target segment

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