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  • Sources of channel gaps 1 Enviromental bound - legal constraints e.g. Hypermarkets France - physical constraints e.g. Forward logistics India 2 Managerial bounds -Ignorance -Lack of focus (outcome vs behavior based management) -->innapropriatie service outputs or excessive cost
  • Types of channel gaps: Demand Side gaps Service output supplied (SOS) > Service Output Demand (SOD) -cost SOS < SOD -lost opportunities (revenues) -Typically multiple demand side gaps simultaneously (over and undersupply) -segment specific
  • Types of channel gaps: Supply Side gaps Total cost for performing flow is too high
  • Closing Demand side Gaps 1 Adjust SOS 2 Adjust segments targeted
  • Closing Supply side Gaps 1  Adjust responsibilities of same channel members 2 Drive effiency by eg technology VMI(Bullwhip effect) 3 Change channel structure
  • Gap analysis Template Demand side: Service Outputs Supply Side: Channel Flows