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Strategic Management Introduction. Von Profesor Isio Kase (IESE Buisiness School) Im Rhamen Zertifikatsstudium Educatis GSM.

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  • A firm's fundamental goal? Optain a return from capital that exceeds its cost.
  • Two branches of strategy? Corporate strategy: Industry attractivness. Which industry should we be in? Buisniess strategy: Competitive advantage.How should we compete?
  • Three levels of strategy? Corporate strategy: (at corporate center or parent) Competitive strategy: (at business unit level or division) Functional strategy: (R&D, HR, Finance, Produktion,..)
  • Two schools of strategy? Design school: Logical process thorugh rational analysis. Process school: Emergent strategy. (Remark: Mintzberg distinguishs betwen intended and realized strategy.)
  • Five tasks in strategy? Developing a stratgeic vision and mission(Revise as needed) Setting objectives(Revise as needed) Crafting a strategy to achieve the objectives(Improve/changes as needed) Implementing and executing the ...
  • Definition Stakeholders? Stakeholders are groups that have an invested interest in how an what the business is doing. The business is expected to create value for these groups.