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  • discover entdecken When did Fleming ~penicillin?
  • Pleased to meet you Freut mich, Sie kennenzulernen Let me introduce you to Mr Collins. Hello. ~.
  • Dont mention it Gern geschehen Thanks for all your help. Thats fine. ~.
  • It doesnt matter Es macht nichts Im sorry I cant come to dinner. Dont worry. ~.
  • Never mind Macht nichts Im sorry I cant come to the cinema. ~. We can go next week
  • No problem Kein Problem Can you lend me 50 euros until tomorrow? Sure. ~.
  • See you later Bis spaeter Bye! ~ !
  • Cheers! Prost! Lets have a glass of champagne to celebrate. ~ !
  • Have a good weekend Schoenes Wochenende! Ill see you on Monday. Yes. Have ~ .
  • Excuse me Entschuldigung! ~ ! Can you tell me the time?
  • wallet Brieftasche My ~has just been stolen so Ive got no money or credit cards.
  • tissues Papiertaschentuecher My nose is running
  • sunglasses Sonnenbrille Its a good idea to wear ~, the light is very strong
  • scissors Schere These ~are terrible! I cant cut anything with them!
  • ruler Lineal You need to use a ~if you want to make that line straight.
  • rubber Radiergummi Can I borrow your ~? Ive made a mistake.
  • pencil sharpener Bleistiftspitzer My pencil has broken. Can I borrow your ~?
  • mouse mat Mausmatte I must buy a new ~for my computer.
  • hairbrush Haarbuerste Ive lost my ~ my hairs a mess!
  • diary (Termin)kalender I need to check that date in my ~.
  • chewing gum Kaugummi You cant eat ~or take drinks into class.
  • object Gegenstand Last night, a strange ~was seen flying over the city.
  • everyday alltaeglich Her ~routine is quite boring.
  • ring v = anrufen
  • mean bedeuten, meinen
  • meaning Bedeutung We dont understand the ~of thisword.
  • factory Fabrik Ted works in a ~which makes cars.
  • separate getrennt The restaurant has ~areas for smokersand non smokers.
  • midnight Mitternacht She has to be home by 12 pm. She cant stay out after ~
  • brave mutig, tapfer Im frightened of horror films. Im not very ~!
  • successful erfolgreich Kim is a very ~businesswoman. She has her own company
  • adventure Abenteuer Their safari holiday in Kenya was a great ~.
  • casual laessig, zwanglos Kevin never wears a suit
  • snowboard snowboarden In winter, you can usually ski and ~at this resort.
  • bar Bar, Lokal The drinks in this ~are very expensive!
  • kind Art, Sorte
  • vegetarian vegetarisch Maria is a strict ~. She doesnt eat meat, fish or eggs.
  • comfortable bequem If you work eight hours at a computer, you need a ~chair
  • theatre Theater Is the new play at the Royal ~any good?
  • good fun lustig The party was ~
  • good-looking gut aussehend Pete is very ~. Hes got green eyes and dark hair
  • relationship Beziehung They met last year and now theyre having a serious ~
  • last letzte(r,s) Which runner was ~in that race?
  • designer Designer Holly is a ~. Shes very interested in fashion.
  • art gallery Kunstgalerie There are some fantastic paintings in that ~ .
  • exchange austauschen, wechseln Can I ~ these pounds for euros, please?
  • club Club Martin is a member of the football ~.
  • lawyer Anwalt, Anwaeltin Kate is a ~ . She spends a lot of time in court.
  • couple Paar Peter and Jill are a very happy ~. Theyve been married for 10 years
  • date Frau/Mann, mit der/dem man verabredet ist He took me to a great restaurant on our first ~