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  • hundred Hundert I cant believe Elsie is a ~. She doesnt look that old!
  • dormitory Schlafsaal At that school, about 30 children slept in one ~.
  • factory Fabrik This ~produces 12,000 new components a week.
  • never nie We ~go to the beach in summer because we hate the hot weather.
  • usually normalerweise I ~have cereal for breakfast but today Im having toast.
  • sometimes manchmal They ~eat out at the weekend but not very often.
  • often oft She doesnt ~do any exercise
  • always immer We ~ leave at 6.30 so we can catch the train.
  • routine Routine, Tagesablauf Pauline doesnt have a regular ~ She does something different every day
  • Guess what! Rate mal! ~ ! Im getting married! Congratulations!
  • surprise Ueberraschung Dont tell anyone. We want it to be a ~ .
  • a handful (difficult to manage) Anstrengend Brians kids are a real ~ . They get out of control in minutes.
  • twins Zwillinge Are Yolanda and Marta ~ ? They look identical!
  • divorced geschieden Ben and Sally were married but now theyre ~ .
  • first things first! eins nach dem anderen!, das Wichtigste zuerst! We have to see who can come before we organise the party. ~ !
  • sale Verkauf That house is for ~ , but it costs a lot of money.
  • just einfach, nur, gerade Can I call back soon, Ive ~ got home.
  • Thats really kind of you Das ist sehr net von Ihnen Ill carry that bag for you. Thanks. ~
  • impossible unmoeglich Its ~ to finish this work today because we havent got time.
  • voice Stimme She cant sing because shes lost her ~ .
  • interested interessiert Theyre ~ in Cubist art, especially Picasso.
  • conversation Unterhaltung That was a long ~ . What were you talking about?
  • worst schlimmste(r,s) That was the ~ concert Ive been to. The singer was awful!
  • accident Unfall Im sorry I broke those glasses
  • politician Politiker(in) Our local ~ just won the election.
  • hairdresser Friseur(in) My hair is a mess so Im going to the ~ .
  • society Gesellschaft Living in a consumer ~ causes a lot of problems.
  • 24-hour 24-Stunden- Living in a ~ society can be very stressful.
  • transatlantic transatlantisch They love travelling from the US to England.They have a very ~ lifestyle.
  • loft Dachboden, Loft We need more space
  • rooftop Dach- Theres a great view from the ~ of this building.
  • trendy trendig, modisch Claire is always wearing the latest fashions. Shes so ~ !
  • sip in kleinen Schlueckchen trinken Dont drink so quickly! ~ your wine.
  • act the part sich entsprechend verhalten Jack isnt really a policeman but he can certainly ~ .
  • accent Akzent Petrinas from Bulgaria, she speaks with a strong ~.
  • wear (your hair) up (die Haare) hochstecken Youll look better if you ~ for the wedding
  • contact lenses Kontaktlinsen I can see better now Ive got these new ~ .
  • pearl Perle I dont like diamonds so Id prefer the ring with a ~ .
  • divide / teilen If you ~ 8 by 2 you get 4.
  • manicure Manikuere I went for a ~ because my nails were long.
  • awful schlimm I feel ~ ! Ive got a terrible headache!
  • nail (= on the hand) (Finger)nagel I broke a ~ opening a tin of soup.
  • lonely einsam She doesnt know anyone here yet so she feels quite ~ .
  • celeb (celebrity) Promi (Prominenter) Paris Hilton is the worst kind of ~  famous because of her money
  • rent mieten We pay 550 euros ~ a month for this flat.
  • bedtime Schlafenszeit At ~, the children like someone to read them a story.
  • practise ueben If you want to play well, you should ~the piano every day.
  • social life Sozialleben She doesnt have a ~
  • glamorous glamouroes James Bond has a ~ lifestyle: money, women and fast cars!
  • exhausting sehr anstrengend Hes always very tired because his job is ~ .