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  • Civil law Area of the law concerned with non-criminal ... Privatrecht/Zivilrecht
  • common law / case law / judge-made law Fallrecht / stützt sich auf richterliche Urteile der Vergangenheit
  • criminal law area of the law which deals with crimes ... Strafrecht
  • regulation rules issued by a government agency to carry out the intent law Verordnungen
  • ordinance/by-law law enacted by a town. City or county government Verordnung
  • bill draft document before it is made into law Gesetzesentwurf
  • statutes legal device used by the European Union to establish policies at the European level to be incorporated into the laws of the Member States Gesetz
  • directive formal written law enacted by a legislative body Richtlinie
  • appellate court (or court of appeals. Appeals court) ... This is where a case is reviewed which has already been heard in a lower court. Berufungsgericht
  • crown court This is where serious criminal cases are heard by a judge and a jury in the UK. Strafgerichtshof
  • High court This is usually the highest court in a jurisdiction, the court of last resort. Oberster Gerichtshof
  • juvenile court This is where a person under the age of 18 would be tried. Jugendgericht
  • lower court (or court of first instance) This is the court of primary jurisdiction. where a case is heard for the first time. Vorinstanz/Untergericht
  • magistrates’ court This is where small crimes are tried in the UK. Amtsgericht / unterstes Gericht 
  • moot court This is where law students argue hypothetical cases. Gericht für hypothetische Fälle
  • small-claims court This is where cases involving a limited amount of money are handled. Gericht für Bagatelldelikte
  • tribunal This is where a group of specially chosen people examine legal problems of a particular type, such as employment disputes. Tribunal
  • expert witness person who has specialised knowledge of a particular subject who is called to testify in court Sachverständige
  • appellant person who appeals a decision to a higher courtBerufungskläger
  • defendant/respondent person who is sued in a civil lawsuit Beklagter
  • judge public official who has the authority to hear and decide cases Richter
  • clerk Employee who takes records, files papers and issues processes Gerichtsschreiber
  • claimant/plaintiff person who initiates a civil lawsuit Kläger
  • advocate person who pleads cases in court Rechtsanwalt
  • bailiff officer of the court whose duties include keeping order and assisting the judge and jurors Gerichtsdiener
  • reasonably prudent person hypothetical person who uses good judgement or common sense in handling practical matters; such a person’s actions are the guide in determining whether an individual’s actions were reasonable
  • affidavit a written statement which might be used as proof in court that somebody makes after they have sworn officially to tell the truth Eidesstaatliche Erklärung
  • answer a principal pleading by the defendant in response to a complaint Klagebeantwortung
  • brief a principal pleading by the defendant in response to a complaint Brief der sagt wieso sich eine Partei durchsetzen sollte
  • complaint document including facts on which the claim is based (civil law) Klage
  • injunction an official order from a court for a person to do or stop doing something Einstweilige Verfügung
  • motion an application to a court to obtain an order ruling, or decision Antragsschrift
  • notice a document providing notification of a fact, claim or proceeding Bescheid
  • pleading a formal written statement setting forth the cause of action or the defence in a case Plädoyer
  • writ a document informing someone that they will be involved in a legal process and instructing them what they must do Erlass
  • to draft a document to produce a piece of writing or a plan that you intend to change later ein Schreiben aufsetzen
  • to issue a document to produce something official
  • to file a document with an authority to officially record something. especially in a court of law
  • to serve a document on some-one (or to serve someone ... to deliver a legal document to someone, demanding that they go to a court of law or that they obey an order
  • to submit a document to an authority To deliver a document formally for a decision to be made by others.
  • Auditor Person appointed by the company to examine the company’s accounts and to report to the shareholders annually on the accounts Wirtschaftsprüfer
  • Company secretary Company’s chief administrative officer, whose responsibilities include accounting and finance duties, personnel administration and compliance with employment legislation, security of documentation, ...
  • Director Person elected by the shareholders to manage the company and decide its general policy Direktor
  • Liquidator Person appointed by a court, the company or its creditors to wind up the company’s affairs Insolvenzbeauftragter
  • Managing director Director responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company Geschäftsführer
  • Official receiver Officer of the court who commonly acts as a liquidator of a company Konkursverwalter
  • Promoter Person engaged in developing or taking the initiative to form a company (arranging capital, obtaining personnel, making arrangements for filing corporate documents) Gründer
  • Proxy Person appointed by a shareholder to attend and vote at a meeting in his/her place when the shareholder is unable to attend Stellvertreter
  • Receiver Person appointed by creditors to oversee the repayment of debts Konkursverwalter
  • Shareholder Member of the company by virtue of an acquisition of sharesTeilhaber