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  • Eine Sitzung vertagen oder unterbrechen to adjourn  To interrupt an event in order to continue at a later time or date 
  • Tagesordnung agenda  A list of subjects to be discussed at a meeting
  • mehrdeutig, zweideutig ambiguous Having different meanings or being open to interpretation, unclear or imprecise 
  • Ankündigung, Bekanntmachung announcement A formal public statement 
  • Anrufbeantworter answerphone
  • sonstiges AOB (any other business) The time at the end of a meeting when subjects that are not on the agenda can be discussed
  • Termin,Verabredung Appointment  An arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place 
  • angemessen appropriate  The correct or acceptable thing to do in a particular situation
  • Anhang attachement  A document or file added to an email
  • Verwaltung administration  The process or activity of running a business, or an organisation 
  • Schwestergesellschaft Affiliate  A person or organisation attached to a larger body 
  • Agentur agency A busniess providing a service between two parties 
  • 1. Abrechnung 2. Konto account  1. a record of statement of financial expenditure  2. an arrangement where a bank hold funds for a client 
  • bezahlbar, erschwinglich affordable  not to expensive to buy 
  • Zuteilung, Verteilung allocation The distribution of resources or duties for a particular purpose
  • Körpersprache body language  Unspoken communication made by posture, facial expressions, or gestures
  • Beratung, Einweisung, Einsatzbesprechung briefing  Instructions or information given to people, sometimes in a meeting
  • Direktion, Aufsichtsrat board of directors a group  of people, usually chosen by shareholders, who run a company 
  • Filiale, Zweigstelle, Abteilung, Branche branch A local office or division of a large organisation
  • Bankauszug bank statement  Information sent by a bank to customer, showing payment transactions over a particular period
  • Banknote, Geldschein bill a prinzed or written statement of money owed for goods or services
  • Haushalt, Kostenrahmen budget an amount of money that a busniess can spend on particular activities or equipment 
  • Vorsitzender chair The position of being in charge of a meeting, to person who is in charge 
  • eine Diskussion leiten to chair
  • Behauptung, Anspruch claim a statement by someone that sth. is true but which is not proved 
  • Zusammenarbeit, Mitarbeit collaboration  when people work together to achieve the same objective
  • Unternehmenskultur corporate culture
  • Wohltätigkeit, Wohltätigkeitszweck charity an organisation set up to raise money and provide help for those in need
  • Vorstandsvorsitzender, Geschäftsführer CEO (chief executive officer) THe manager with the most authority in the day to day running of the business 
  • Büroarbeit clerical work routine administrative tasks in an office
  • Genossenschaft cooperative  an organisation that is owned and run by the people involved
  • Firmenimage, Firmenidentität corporate identity  the personalitiy of a company 
  • Firmenimage, Firmenidentität corporate identity  the personalitiy of a company 
  • Skonto für Barzahlung cash discount a price reduction given if a customer pays immediately or in cash
  • Zahlungsfluss, Geldfluss cash flow  the balance between money received and paid by a busniess in a particular activities or equipment
  • Gebühr charge the amount of money that someone asks in return for goods or services 
  • Provision commission  an amount of money, typically a percentage of the value involved, paid to an agent in a commercial transaction
  • Kreditkontrolle, Überwachung credit control a system used by a business to make sure that it gives credit only 
  • Limit, Kreditgrenze credit limit the maximum amount that a lender will give a borrower 
  • Kreditrisiko credit risk the possibility that a borrower will not repay a loan
  • Überweisung direct payment of money from one bank account to another
  • Gutschreiben, to credit  to add an amount of money to an account 
  • Gläubiger, Kreditschreiber creditor  a person or company to whom money is owed 
  • Kreditwürdigkeit, Zahlungsfähigkeit creditworthiness the extent to which a borrower can be trusted to repay a debt
  • Währung currency the system of money in use in a particular country e.g. euros, dollars 
  • Girokonto current account  an account with a bank from which money can be taken out at any time without notice 
  • Kleiderordnung, Kleidervorschrift dress code a set of rules that an organisation has about what people must or must not wear
  • Abteilung department  a section of a large business organisation or shop
  • Vertrieb, Verteilung distribution  the action or process of supplying goods to retailers
  • abbuchen to debit to remove an amount of money from an account 

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