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Learn from home or on the go, karteikarte.com is always online! With karteikarte.com you can systematically learn your subject matter easily and free of charge. Register with one click and get started right away.

How does it work?

The structure on karteikarte.com is divided into the following areas: Subjects, lessons and cards. Subjects are, for example, the subjects at school or subject areas from your studies. Each subject is divided into several lessons. These can be, for example, lessons or individual sections of the material to be learnt. The cards are then located in the lessons.

With this structure, you always have an overview of the material you want to learn.

Why do you learn well here?

The learning system that is used is known as the "classical flashcard system". It provides so-called boxes for the individual cards. Each flashcard is in a specific box, depending on how often it has been learnt and correctly known. The individual boxes are numbered from 1-9, with all new flashcards in the 9th box.

If a flashcard is asked and correctly recognised, it moves down a box, otherwise it moves up a box. The flashcards from the highest box are always learnt first, i.e. always the material that has not yet been correctly understood.