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Deductive vs. inductive Review approach

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  • Deductive review approach:  Use literature to develop hypotheses that are then tested using data
  • Inductive review approach  Relate interpretations of own data-based findings to the literature
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative studies  Numbers and figures vs. sentences and narratives     Meaning vs. amount     “One cannot decide whether qualitative or quantitative studies are better or more useful“  (p. 191)     Likelihood to obtain unexpected information vs. limited leeway to explore other avenues
  • Research design: Degree to which research question has been crystallized Exploratory vs. formal study (latter: test hypotheses or answer research questions)
  • Research design: Method of data collection Monitoring vs. interrogation
  • Research design: Power of researcher to influence variables under study Experimental vs. non-experimental
  • Research design: Purpose of the study Descriptive, causal, predictive, exploratory
  • Research design: Time dimension Cross-sectional vs. longitudinal (latter: panel/cohort)
  • Research design: Topical scope of the study Case vs. statistical study (sample/census)
  • Research design: Research environment Field, laboratory, simulation
  • Research design: Participant perceptions of research activity Actual routine vs. modified routine