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1) Nature of conflict 2) Sources of conflict 3) Effects of conflicts 4) Strategies for containing destructive/excessive conflict

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  • Channel Conflict - Definition "Channel conflict is behavior by a channel member that is in opposition to its channel couterpart. It is a opponent centered and direct, in which the goal or object sought is controlled by the counterpart." ...
  • Patterns of Channel Conflicts vertical conflicts manufactures vs. distributors or wholesalers horizontal conflicts direct sales force vs. dealer or distributor one distribution channel vs. another extensive intra-channel competition ...
  • Types of Conflicts latent conflict perveived conflict felt conflict manifest conflict the first three ones are normal, the last one is escalating
  • Sources of Conflict competing goal perceptual differences (Wahrnehmungsunterschiede) expectual differences (Erwahrtungsunterschiede) communication difficulties clashes over domains (gray markets) cultural differences
  • Cultural Differences important in global context missinterpretations particulary in negotiations create conflicts
  • Dimensions of Culture (Hofstede) power distance masculinity/femininity induvidualism/collectivism uncertainty avoidance long-term/short-term orientation (added later)
  • Effects of Channel Conflict "Not all conflict is bad and not all cooperation is good." Usually, conflicts are dysfunctional and hurt relationships (useless). But if channel members recognize each other contribution and understand ...
  • Effects of dysfunctional Conflict increase of perceived, felt and manifest conflict frustration disagreement decrease of satisfaction decrease of trust
  • Effects of functional Conflict communicate more frequently and efficiently critically review their past actions more equitable split of resources more balanced distribution of power standardized ways to deal with future conflicts
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies informatioin-intensitive mechanism risky to give sensitive information away (trust & cooperation important!) third-party mechanism mediation arbitration voluntary compulsory building rational ...