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Vorderseite Topic #7: Channel Conflict
  • Conflict is often a neccessary stage on the way to adapting to environmental changes (Although it is often charged negatively). Thus, conflict shouldn't be judged automatically as a state to be eleminated. Instead, conflict should be monitored and then managed.
  • Types of conflictLatent conflict, perceived conflict, felt conflict, manifest conflict
  • Measuring channel conflictNumber of issues, importance of issues, frequency of disargreement, intensity of dispute
  • Conflict is a staple in marketing channels because of:Competing goals, perceptual differences, expectational differences, communication difficulties, clashes over domains, cultural differences
  • Dysfunctional conflict damages the relationship between channel members and the performance - functional conflict motivaties channel members to improve performance and to release old habits and assumptions
  • Conflict can be resolved via following strategies:
    • Institutionalized machanisms
    • Incentives
    • Conflict-resolution grid

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