Channel Management (Fach) / Take Aways (Lektion)

Vorderseite Topic #6: Channel Power
  • Power is the ability to alter another organizations behavior. It's a tool, neither good or bad
  • Power is a critical feature of the functioning of marketing channels
  • Channel members must invest overtime to build power. Power should be used strategically
  • Power of A over B is equal to the dependence of B on A=> Dependence = utility * scarcity
  • Power is derived from five sources:
    • reward
    • coercive
    • expert
    • legitiamte
    • referent
  • Power rarely exists one-sided. If so, relationships are open for exploitation
  • Still, imbalanced relationships (with respect to power) may function quite well. That depends on the more powerful party's fairness
  • Balanced, powerful relationships generate the most value (win-win)
  • Latent power is translated into influence via communication:
    • promise
    • threat
    • legalistic
    • request
    • information exchange
    • recommendation

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